Be an Example. Teach Your Kids. It's Only $5.

Would you show your kids how to create a miracle if you could do it for the price of a Starbucks Coffee?
(A Family Activity Suggestion)

Tragedy takes turns at us all, raking its claws across our lives.

You never know how. You never know when.

We were drowning in medical bills while also struggling to cover $5,000/mo. payments neither Medicaid nor our insurance would cover. These payments were exclusively for medications that guaranteed her survival.

Without them, she was going to die.

Yet with all our determination, sacrifice, and combined financial efforts, we couldn’t raise the money to save her life.

…so OTHER people did.

Through crowdfunding, friends and strangers reached out, sharing what they could and sharing our story with others.

Each time someone reached out, we felt strength. We felt hope. Doors opened.

Not only did our daughter receive the immediate medical attention she required…a program was offered, allowing her rare condition to be treated for a full year. She’s now on the road to recovery and our granddaughter will grow up with her mother to love and care for her.

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Create a Miracle with Your Children.

Why not be a miracle in the life of someone else?

Sit down with your family and look through crowdfunding sites like:

Find a story or cause that grips you…read to your kids and explain what’s happening to someone else out there in the world. Share the struggles they’re having or the dreams they’re striving to accomplish.

Then consider participating in that crowdfunding project.

What can you do?

  • Contribute $5 (or more if you feel to do so)
  • Send a note of encouragement (my family found great strength in receiving these)
  • Offer prayers (kind thoughts / positive energy) in their behalf
  • Tell others about this story through Social Media and encourage participation (the more people who know, the more miracles occur)

For as little as $5, you can be the difference between hope and despair, success, and failure…especially when it’s added to the kind donations & gifts of thousands more.

Miracles DO happen. My family is proof.

Below is a cause The Buckley’s are currently supporting.

If you like, you can join our family and help Bryan Turner and his family. Because of a chimney fire, they lost their home (which had just been paid off–and they didn’t have insurance). Mom and the 7 children escaped the flames, with literally the clothes on their backs…walking miles through deep snow to find help.

They’ve lost everything they own (including their car, which the house fire melted). So we’re trying to gather enough funds for them to start over from scratch…

If you don’t feel to help this cause, look for another…or start your OWN campaign to help someone!

Remember…there’s always a need for HOPE.


You have nothing to lose, but EVERYTHING to gain!

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Become the COOLEST parent EVER!

CONFIRMATION ON IT'S WAY! Check your email (and SPAM Folder)...the download's coming =)