Before the activities of the season are over, we wanted to share an awesome post from our good friend Natalie over at

Ahhh the sounds of summer – kids laughing, splashing in pools, s’mores over campfires, no bedtimes!

Remember when the countdown to summer was more exciting than getting a new toy? When I was a kid, we were allowed to sleep in as late as we wanted, have pancakes for breakfast every day, spend all afternoon outside, and eat dinner at 9 p.m. The days lengthened out into non-stop fun. I’m sure my parents didn’t feel that way, though!

Summer can be a difficult time of transition for parents who are used to having kids in school all day. What do you do with all this new, extra time? How do you fill up your child’s day while making sure they’re properly sun screened, staying out of trouble, and maybe even learning something?

Here are some ideas for fun activities that will give your kids a well-deserved break from school, while making sure their brains don’t turn to mush!

Music lessons are an excellent way to spend a summer afternoon. If you have a child who loves to sing along to songs on the radio, or drum on the table at dinner, then music lessons are a perfect fit. Summer is also a great time to start singing or learning an instrument because there is a lot of time for practice. Help your kids set goals. Have them try to learn a few new songs by the end of summer, and maybe even put on a mini concert!

For more introverted or bookworm types (you know, the kids who actually like school), learning a new language can be a great hobby for summertime. There are lots of games and apps available to get them started in new languages such as French or Spanish. They won’t become fluent in one summer, but they’ll be able to develop a good foundation of skills and get introduced to a new culture!

If your child is a busy bee and can’t stop moving, then sports might be just the thing to pass the time this summer. Sports are a great way for your child to get exercise and make new friends. A sport like soccer or softball is a good option because it will teach them goal setting and teamwork skills (while tiring them out – bonus!).

No matter what activity is best suited for your family, summer is the perfect time to enroll kids in classes and nurture a new hobby. You’ll get some time to relax and they’ll be learning and growing while having fun – that’s what we call a win-win!

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