My heart is full this morning and I’m thinking about my kids.

The most incredible thing happened to me as I was digging through my Advanced WORLDBUILDING journals.

Something I saw which triggered thoughts I just can’t shake (nor do I want to) and I wanted to share them with you.

Today is the first day I go back to writing fiction.

If I haven’t told you before, this is my first and greatest love out of all the things I do for a living.

After being a husband and father, I am SO grateful to be a writer.

God gave me a talent and passion for entertaining.  through epic tales…and there’s nothing else like it to me.

I do this through telling epic tales…and there’s nothing else like it.

(I do wish He also made me typo-free, but that’s pushing it…)

Truth is, during 12 years of blogging and promoting—I’ve hit many low points.

They don’t last long, but if you’ve ever experienced depression, it wears on you.

It breaks you down over time if you’re not careful.

Reading these worldbuilding journals, forming new adventure ideas for Wendell to experience, I came across a side entry.

Something scribbled.

By my own shaking hand.

It’s a sign I recognize.

These small scratchings at the corner of my notes are telltale signs that I’m at a desperate low point.

I see these notes appear in my journals when I’m in the most pain.

When I’m dealing with the most fear.

Desperate, maybe lost…and outright scared.

because I’ve lost faith in myself.

It’s an attempt to help me recognize patterns.

To avoid making the same choices that led me there.

Now, don’t worry—today is an awesome day and I’m happier than I have ever been.

This isn’t about how I’m feeling right now.

I’m at peace and I think it’s why I was able to recognize this note so clearly.

Thing is…this particular note is different.

This is a message of encouragement, not discouragement.

Don’t remember writing it—but it’s my handwriting, from who knows how long ago.

From the faded yellow page, it must have been a while back.

On it, I saw this:

FAITH (4 steps to having faith)

BELIEF – In the unseen.

ACTION – on achieving the unseen

HOPE – which comes in two forms:

Trust: that we WILL succeed.

Fear: that we will NOT succeed.

(NOTE: what we focus on—trust or fear—is what we BRING TO US!



I can’t remember what I was going through…it doesn’t really matter.

What DID matter, was that those words lit my heart on fire.

…and I saw five things as clear as day:

You Were Born With A Purpose

It’s no mistake you are here.

It’s not chance, it’s a divine plan.

Fight that concept if you like, but I believe you were born to the challenges, family, and connection you have…to mold you, shape you and craft you into the person you are today.

Yeah, I’m sure that concept will bug a good many people.

But think about it.

For every episode of tragedy, violence, or loss I’ve experienced in my own life, I can count at least a dozen good things that have come from them.

God has put me through fire, day after day, to humble me, to get me to think, to rely on Christ, to fight for what’s right and to build a thick skin…while cultivating a soft heart.

Why is that?

Why would that BE?

Because MY purpose is you.

Everything I have experienced (and continue to experience) has helped me develop more compassion, more love and has shaped me into the man I am today.

The more I pursue that purpose, the more my talents blossom and grow by leaps and bounds.

What’s YOUR purpose?

Your Were Born To Be Happy

You are surrounded by a world determined to convert you or destroy you.

…but did you know you were meant to be happy?

Not tomorrow, next week or for some of the religious folk…the next life.

You’re supposed to be happy Now.




Psalms 16:11: “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

Happiness is a choice and there are opportunities all around you to test this.

Once you realize that pain, frustration, and loss are actually tools to develop deeper happiness by experiencing the opposite, your life will change in unspeakable ways.

I realized this a few years back and I’ve never been happier.

Despite the daily frustrations and challenges, happiness is everywhere because I can see my blessings, see my opportunities and see God’s hand in all my labors.

Are YOU happy?

You Were Born To Serve

In a world where the foundation of society is selfishness, you were born to serve.

You have been given talents and opportunities to use…to reach out, uplift and make this world a better place.

Think about that for a moment.

You are meant to change the world!

No, stop it.

Don’t listen to that voice in your head.

The one that says, “I can’t do that…it’s impossible!”

Yes, you CAN.

By changing just one heart, you set powerful forces in motion for good which can and will create a ripple effect.

Being of service breaks down walls, soften hearts and when we serve with our talents to bless the lives of others, your influence grows.

Do YOU serve?

You Were Born To Inspire

You have the opportunity, right now, no matter where you live, no matter your station in life, to inspire someone else.

Be who you were meant to be and share your talents with others.

It does something unique:

it gives others permission and encouragement to be as incredible as you.

Doubt me?

Have you ever done or said something and someone took courage to follow your example?

That’s what happens when you stand in your place with surety and power.

KNOW who you are.

BE who you are.

Amazing. Unique. Bold.

Be a person that children will look to and emulate!

You have it in you…so what are you waiting for?!?

Do YOU inspire?

You Were Born To Succeed

You are success in motion.

Fallen on your face?


What did you learn from it?

How can you do better next time?

Feel like you’re going backwards?


Every arrow must be pulled backwards to be launched forward.

Not reaching your goals?



In you is the seed of greatness.

It’s the process of your efforts that help you find your true purpose & assists you in learning to be happy while serving and inspiring others.

You become a powerful example, which shines long before you ever hit that mark.

….and THAT’S how you succeed.

So have a great day. Have a fantastic week.

…and don’t give up.


Here are two videos to inspire.

Two men who have done all we’ve talked about today…

In August 2008, Boyle applied for an audition for the third series of Britain’s Got Talent (as contestant number 43212) and was accepted after a preliminary audition in Glasgow.

When Boyle first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent at the city’s Clyde Auditorium, she said that she aspired to become a professional singer “as successful as Elaine Paige”.

Boyle sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables in the first round of the third series of Britain’s Got Talent, which was watched by over 10 million viewers when it aired on 11 April 2009.

Program judge Amanda Holden remarked upon the audience’s initially cynical attitude, and the subsequent “biggest wake-up call ever” upon hearing her performance.

This performance was widely reported and tens of millions of people viewed the video on YouTube.

Boyle was “absolutely gobsmacked” by the strength of this reaction.

Since the appearance, Paige has expressed interest in singing a duet with Boyle, and has called her “a role model for everyone who has a dream”.

Boyle’s rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” has been credited with causing a surge in ticket sales in the Vancouver production of Les Misérables.

Cameron Mackintosh, the producer of the Les Misérables musical, also praised the performance, as “heart-touching, thrilling and uplifting”.

Paul Potts sings “Nessun Dorma”

Paul Robert Potts (born 13 October 1970) is an English tenor. In 2007, he won the first series of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent with his performance of “Nessun dorma”, an aria from Puccini’s opera Turandot.

As a singer of operatic music, Potts recorded the album One Chance, which topped sales charts in nine countries.

Prior to winning Britain’s Got Talent, Potts was a manager at The Carphone Warehouse.

He had served as Bristol city councilor from 1996 until 2003, and also had performed in amateur opera from 1999 to 2003.

Potts’s net worth was estimated at £6 million in April 2012.

Never Give Up. Ever.