People ask me why I’m so excited about being a parent.

I tell them, “It’s because being a parent is the greatest job in the world.”

Even after 12 kids (children, not goats), I’m still stoked.

At the writing of this article, my oldest is 25 years old with 4 children of her own.

My youngest is Roman, who is a mighty warrior and just turned 2 years old.

I’m still in the thick of parenting.

Every day is a new adventure.






Massive laughter.

…and I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world.

Being a parent is a very personal journey.

Somewhere along the line, you decide to have a child.

No matter how much you ponder about the commitment you’re making, you don’t fully realize how HUGE that decision is.

…or how amazing.

Many people aren’t willing to expose their lives in this way.

Wait, expose themselves?


People around you are going to know you’re not perfect now.

That you make wrong, stupid, even humiliating choices from time to time.

…because your children are a walking billboard of you.

Of your beliefs, your principles, your discipline, your consistency…crap, even your political affiliations.

All bundled up in a smiling, sticky-fingered, snot-nosed midget that doesn’t know (or care) about social protocol, manners or the need for discretion.

They simply ARE.

And that, my friend, is what makes them beautiful.

That’s also what make YOU exceptional.

When that new life is brought into the world, you are endowed with super powers.

Cosmic Awareness to know what the child will need beforehand. From birth to college, you can foresee the future and the needs that will arise for this tiny person.

Super Stamina to go without sleep for years, dealing with stress and being able to keep your breakfast IN your stomach when you open those diapers for the first time.

Super Speed for those times when the child decides to go for those cookies on the counter, journeys to the edge of the stairs or decides to try the monkey bars a  few years too early.

Super Strength to do the ‘rocket ship’ each night before bed, even when they grow out of those diapers.

Parents are willing to sacrifice for another human being (their offspring) in ways you never thought possible.

But you know what?

It’s worth it.

Every effort, every struggle, every frustration, conversation, tear, bill, ticket, and complaint.

It’s all worth it.

Every time I see my grandchildren pop through my front door.

Every time they smile at me, or my little Charlie runs up, hugs my legs and with a giant smile says, “Grandpa bear, I’m BACK!”

…and my daughter, whom I adore, love and raised, gave that experience to me.

One of thousands.

Even more powerful is the realization that the love, confidence, and respect I build with my children has a lasting effect on their own relationships.

Both family and friends.

…which reaches out into society.

For generations.

You want to change the world?

Then be a good parent.

Not a day goes by without at least one of my little children sneaking into my office, giving me a hug and kiss, telling me that they love me.

Not a night goes by without my teenage daughters (all of them), giving Kathilynn and I a kiss on the cheek, with a soft, sweet whisper, “I love you daddy.”

Do you experience that also?

Would you like to?

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I can help you.

Jaime Buckley


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