I realize this might seem odd, because I AM here to sell you books, but it’s important for you to understand that I am a father first. Children matter to me, and so does respecting and supporting you as a parent.

There’s no need to get over-dramatic here, but I feel it’s important to encourage you to read my YA fantasy books before giving them to your children. At least under 16, anyway–that’s what we do in our home.

The way I write books: You won’t find agenda’s in my stories (other than encouragement to be the best you possible). There’s no sexual content, sensual content, or homosexuality of any kind. There is ocassional drinking, smoking (mainly by Dax–who uses cigars), AND you will find violence.

No, it’s not usually gorey, but if a description is required to make a reader understand the situation, I’ll put it in. Wendell experiences a great deal of physical challenges through my books–I just don’t make it overly graphic.

In short, I want you, as the parent, to know what I publish.

I read my books to my children, from age seven and up–because I write FOR my children. You might have other beliefs or values in your family, and I’d like to respect your position as a parent and give you a heads up before you buy.

…even if you decide not to buy.

Our kids are that important.