“You know what really sets Jaime Buckley apart?

He’s the most genuine human being you’ll likely find.

Add that to his dependability and you have yourself a rock star talent.”

– Jon Filitti

Here’s my story.

…don’t worry about her. She loves me.

The (super)microwave version:

I’m just a regular guy. Born May 27th 1969, in Oakland CA, to brilliant and loving parents, who taught me there is no box. So I graduated high school at 15 with two full scholarships I didn’t take–and became a street artist instead.

While trying not to get blown up or killed (literally), I met a Samoan Princess (also literal). Got engaged the next week and married her (its my smile). She said, “I want 12 kids and be a stay at home mom,” to which I replied, “Uhhhhhh…okay.” So she stayed home, I found enough work, AND God blessed us with a bonus child (bakers dozen)!

Yes, we’ve had our challenges and our ups and downs, but when you know who you are–and what you’re supposed to do, magic can happen. To this very day, Kathilynn can pause, look at me and smile…and I still get butterflies.

Our struggles and experiences opened my eyes to the needs of both youth and families. It wasn’t long before it became clear how I could have a positive impact on both.

It’s now 2022, I’m 52 years old, our 32nd wedding anniversary is coming up, and we’ll have 22 grand babies soon! Accomplished with high school diploma’s, love, conviction, and a determination to raise a happy family in a world that sadly seems to hate families.

So? What’s in it for ME?

Glad you asked, cranky-pants, cause the answer is “a LOT.”

As we had kids, I started crafting stories. About heroes they could emulate, while hiding important truths they could discover on their own, without encroaching on who they were. Lots and lots of stories. I didn’t like most stories being offered to kids, so why not publish my own?

People told me, “You can’t do that!” which secretly meant I could. No such thing as a box, remember?? So I started with comic books.

The Wayback Machine says I’m the originator of the eComic, selling traditional comics of Wanted Hero as PDF’s for ¢.97 each in 2005. Before Marvel, before DC, *gasp* even before Amazon! Gained readers in 60 countries by word of mouth in under a year, too. Still don’t have a clue how that happened…but wooHOO!

In 2009 I met David Farland.

We had a mutual friend, who called in a favor. He asked David to read the script to my debut novel, Prelude to a Hero and give me pointers.

He took Kathi and I to lunch and said, “With a little effort, this is NYTimes Bestselling material.” I cried manly tears, and shared my goals about publishing. “This needs to be a series. A LONG series,” he said.

That was 11 novels, three games, a handful of short stories and three million words in notes ago.

All to prepare for where we are, right here, right now.

To answer your question, THIS site is a “hub of goodies”. It’s where you can find everything I do and make in one place. We can call it the “mini-mall of me”.

Okay, stupid name, but I’ve been building Wanted Hero for decades, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of my plans.

Somewhere around 2008 parents started asking for help. People wanted to know how to get closer to their own kids, which seemed odd to me–because I got close to my kids through my stories.

Now I encourage parents to do the same (use my stories, I mean). Some grownups need more tools in their parenting arsenal–so I help with that as well (see ‘Parents’ in the main menu if you missed it).

To pay the bills, I illustrate for other people. At roughly 3am each morning, I get up to write, build websites, record podcasts, blah-blah-blah. And I mean “blah-blah-blah,” because I’d rather be writing for you. Sadly I have ZERO talent for marketing.

So I build readers and relationships the good ‘ol fashioned way…one person at a time.

The point is…

My desire is to entertain and inspire you, your kids,…or YOU if you ARE the kid.

To use my ridiculous ‘there-is-no-box’ skill sets, acquired through real life experience, and show you how amazing you are.

I mean that. You’re worth it.

There’s too much anger in the world. Too much hate. Too much lying, greed, selfishness, and people pointing fingers. I don’t want to participate. I’d rather make friends and have a BBQ while the kids play.

Yeah, I get that life is hard. I get that you might not know exactly who you are yet, or what you’re supposed to do with your life. I get being alone, and lost, and lonely…even scared.

The moment I step out my own door, I don’t fit in. Never have. My heart always ached for a place where I could be…’me’.

It wasn’t until I was married, with children, deeply depressed from searching, that my wife took my face in her hands, gave me that breathtaking smile and whispered:

“Why are to trying so hard to fit in, when God so obviously made you to stand out?”

That’s why this website exists. To reach out and help people around this vast world, by just being…me.

(Told ya she loves me.)

So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

My hope is you’ll stick around and we’ll get to know each other. If you can deal with this level of honesty, I think we’ll get along just fine.

The choice is always yours.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

Welcome to my website.

What People Ask Me

Here are a few questions I’m asked all the time.

Wait,...you actually HAVE 13 kids!?!!

Yup. All boys but nine. No adoptions, no twins, no regrets.

Oh, and those are “children“, not goats.

Why did you decide to publish yourself, instead of with a traditional publisher?

I felt the benefits with self-publishing far outweighed the traditional option. Being able to go directly to readers and having complete control over the content being the two biggest points.

What kind of books do you publish?

My main passion is YA epic fantasy with a comedy twist. I also write mystery, science fiction, middle grade, and children’s picture books. My non-fiction isn’t talked about much, but I’ve published many books and papers.

Where can I find your books to buy?

If you enjoy digital versions, you can find all my books on this website. Otherwise, my books are available in both digital and print on most major platforms, and I have links from the book section of this site to help.

"You're the exception to the rule." ....WHAT 'rule'??

At nearly every significant event in my life, the Universe has opened a path for me. One which has gone against the ‘norm‘, ‘tradition‘, ‘requirements‘, and ‘rules‘ surrounding the event.

  • Engaged in under 10 days?
  • Getting jobs without a degree (or standard experience)?
  • Renting homes far above my income level, yet never missing (or being late on) a payment?
  • Stepping in with a laptop and the basic knowledge of podcasting to win a $1200/hr job?
  • Being able to walk through a writers convention with my teenagers and have famous authors calling out my name and waving, then watching my kids in shock as we both realize I know famous people?
  • Having ‘Meet Mike Rowe’ on my actual bucket list…and then not only meet Mike, but have him personally invite me to be a guest on his podcast??

Things just…happen to me.

I’m not better than, or above anyone in this world. I’m also pretty sure, though, that this isn’t the norm for most folks.

So to be completely honest, I simply believe what my parents taught me.

There IS no boxunless you make it yourself.

What To Do Next?

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