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Sometimes it feels like life is just kicking you in the ass. Everywhere you turn it’s there, smiling with a baseball bat. Maybe it’s a family issue, or maybe it’s a breakup. Maybe you’re just down on your luck. One of the hallmarks of adulting is the difficulty. It makes Dark Souls look like a walk in the park.

I want to share a list of adulting wins that you can get done today. These aren’t monumental on their own, but each one in its own right will bring at least a small win. And let’s face it, we could always use a win.


Clean your house/apartment

It’s not a glorious task, but man, everything feels better once you’re in a clean environment. It’s a win, and you can relax afterward. There is something that comes with a clean home, a feeling. It’s well worth the effort, and probably one of the easiest wins.


Do your laundry

Whether you have something on site, or you have to go to a laundromat, getting your laundry done and put away is going to be a win. Having clean clothes, and something that smells nice is a comfort. After you’re done, get yourself dressed up in your favorite clothes, or your most comfortable pj’s, all nice, clean, and warm.

It’s an extra effort especially when you have to go out to do it, but it’s an achievable win.


Pay your bills

Despite being down whatever amount the bill is, if you can pay it, pay it now. Sitting down and paying your bills like an adult tends to relieve some of the stress on your shoulders. You might not be able to pay all of them but you can at least do your best.

Start with what you can do, and for the things you can’t, well, you can’t.

Once you’ve done your best there isn’t really anywhere to go from there. Paying what you can gives you a small sense of control which is good to have when you feel like you’re drowning.



While the main point of exercising is health, right now it’s just for the endorphin rush. I know, running generally sucks. But you can get out there for just a few minutes and let yourself just go. We all know the studies that endorphins can help make you feel better, but knowing something and actually experiencing it are two different things.

Get up, and go exercise. Doesn’t have to be extreme, doesn’t have to last a long time. Hell, turn up the music and just dance for a few minutes.


Clean your car

You’ve been telling yourself that you’re going to take care of this, but you haven’t. Give yourself something productive to do and go clean your car. I don’t even mean pack everything into that one left over TacoBell bag and throw it away. I mean grab a vacuum, some cleaners, and clean that car.

Don’t do nothing. When life really just has you down, the last thing you want to do is nothing. Give yourself a headstart and get up. Whatever you do you want to keep yourself busy. Preferably productive too.

There is a time for things like Netflix binges, or laying in bed in the middle of the day, but those times aren’t now. It’s a great time to show yourself that you have the fortitude to handle what’s coming your way.

So there are some simple wins for you.

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