You want to be Adulting like a boss, but you’re frustrated.

Seems like wherever you turn, someone’s lumping you in with mud-butts of your generation who don’t seem to care about how life works—only about how they want life to be (for them). Someone across the country can do something stupid on a college campus and for some reason that’s supposed to connect to you because, what?

…you were born in the same general time period?

How the hell does that work?

This is what’s really frustrating me—the conflicting views within society about Millennials.

We went over the basics in our last article: Adulting Is A Verb? Hell Yeah It Is…which not only defined an adult and the process of becoming one—I also explained how we got to this point and why you’re being blamed (if you have not read this article, I suggest you do).

Sure, some may not agree with my definition.


Some may think that everything bad happening in the realm of the Millennial generation is equally your fault.

(It’s not.)

Some veteran adults even want to leave you to your own design because they’re fed up with what they see in the news, hear about from fellow old-timers or experience themselves.

(I’m not one of them.)

Thing is, you can’t change stupid.

Trust me, I’ve tried for decades, but no matter how idiot proof you try to make something, the world is determined to build better idiots. The sad part is there’s not a whole lot you can do about what others think about your generation.

What you can do is take responsibility for yourself and earn your own reputation, becoming independent from the mass of Lemmings out there. This won’t be nearly as hard as you might think. The more I look at the landscape of society, the more I see people battling to defend their feelings over what’s right and wrong.

I said it before and I’ll say it again…you can’t change stupid.

The good news to this is when a Millennial shows the opposite personality traits of the entitled, egotistical, deluded views of your generation being fed by professors and political leaders with their own agendas, they shine like fine gold.

You get noticed more readily than I would minding my own P’s and Q’s.

Adulting Like A Boss: The key to success lay specifically with you.

There are many brilliant youth in the world mixed in with the self-righteous, bigoted little shits causing problems. But even the one’s I complain about and get frustrated with are worth fighting for.

There’s so much misapplied passion, trying to change outward circumstances when a person will get much further in life by changing inward habits and character traits.

It doesn’t matter what your friends and family think—crap, it doesn’t even matter what your dad thinks, because the moment you decide to take your life into your hands, things can improve if you set your mind to make it so.

Adulting like a boss can be split into two main categories: inner & outer.

Inner refers to your personal character, your habits, your perspectives and methods of processing both thoughts and emotions. It’s about your integrity, your belief system and it also has to do with your goals and dreams.

Outer is about everything you do through interactions with other people & situations outside your own body and mind. Your job, relationships, education and the variables of life you have to deal with on a daily basis.

To make a good impression and earn a solid reputation with others, you must take both categories into account. People will watch what you do (outer), but all the choices you make when dealing with others is directly influenced by your own beliefs, habits, goals and perspectives (inner).

Remember, You’re Playing the Long Game

The most challenging aspect of growing up, especially for Millennials, is patience.

I haven’t yet met a youth—even my on children—who have a solid grasp on patience.

Well, maybe my daughter-in-law Marilyn, but she’s exceptional. Adulting like a boss comes naturally to her.

You’re not likely to see the kind of results you’re hoping for right away, but they do come. Quickly even, but that’s not the part you should be focusing on.

When you focus on mastering your character traits and developing inner strength, life does immediately become easier to deal with. It’s much like learning to change a tire on a car. You stress about a flat tire when you get one—because you’re stranded, you don’t know what to do and you’re forced to rely on someone else to save you. Yet when you learn to solve the problem yourself, a flat no longer creates that looming stress or anxiety.

Learning how to control yourself, your emotions, how to communicate clearly, use manners and how to navigate your environment with care and a measure of hard-won wisdom will transfer to every aspect of your life, not just changing a tire!

No one can do this for you.

Taking control over your own life is completely up to you.

That means you can take full credit, but it also means you cannot blame another soul for your own lack or failure, so keep that in mind.

So yes, I realize this is going to be a long, uphill battle—but worth every bruise, bite mark and attempt at being kicked in the tenders. For myself, I believe you’re worth every effort, headache and heartache. I’m willing to write these articles, books and create resources for you and your friends if it means you can live a more full life independently and be able to stand on your own feet.

It’s what I want for my own children and it’s what I want for all their friends as well.

Good new is I’ve revved up my 4XL go-cart, put on my G.I.JOE crash helmet and I’m ready to run over the stupid turds who get in the way.

Okay, that’s not nice.

I wouldn’t actually run people over.

…maybe just clip ‘em.


Here’s What You Do Next

Think about your life.

Seriously ponder about where you are, right now and where you’d like to be.

Write down your goals and dreams and be specific about them.

Get down to the nitty-gritty details and map it all out on paper.

Then take some time and figure out what you’re doing that’s keeping you from reaching those desires. Don’t blame anyone or anything else. Own your life. Take responsibility for everything in it.


If you have a bad relationship, don’t blame the other person, because there are two people in that relationship and you’re one of them. You’ve made choices in your life—either by commission or omission—that has brought you to where you are right now.

It’s time to map out your success and make it happen.

I highly suggest you take a look at our Adulting books and see if there is a subject that can help. That’s what they’re written for.

No BS. No fluff.

Just meat and results.

We’ll talk soon.

Jaime Buckley

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