While there are many mistakes most of us are going to make in our search of growing up, there are a few adulting problems that stood out to me. While we can’t seem to avoid every pitfall we come across, it’s nice to have someone else’s experience to draw upon for our own sakes.

So here are 4 mistakes most new adults make.

1. Not Taking Care Of Your Body

This is kind of a sore subject for me because this one was one of my own biggest mistakes.

Not taking care of your body is one of the adulting problems that take a whole hell of a lot of time to fix.

I’m not just talking about getting exercise either. The foods you eat, the habits you develop, the amount of alcohol you ingest, all of it. We only have one body, and some of us seem to forget that.

Taking care of yourself seems to be a chore when you first start but then becomes second nature. It’s learning to be smart about your lifestyle. It’s all too easy to say “I’m an adult, and if I want to buy 20 lbs of Kit Kats I will.”. The outcome? You’ll have to get used to your new nickname “Thunder-Thighs”.

But weight aside, it’s your lifespan that takes a hit. None of us want to die, or at least I hope so, and our organs need a little help. So eat good, exercise, and take care of yourself because we want you to stick around as long as possible.

2.Forgetting your family

Well, this one is a big one. Often times in our rush to grow up and take on the world, we forget where we came from. We forget the people that helped us get to where we are, and it’s a damn shame.

It’s a challenge for sure, but in the end keeping a good relationship with your family is huge. And for anyone who left home on less than amicable terms, guess what? A lot of times not living with someone can really help that relationship.

If you’re going to let those relationships die, make sure it’s because you’ve made that choice, not because they just fell by the wayside.

3. Not Saving Money

Here is something everyone says but almost no one does. Saving money is going to save future you from all sorts of things. But that’s only one side of the coin.

When we talk about saving money, people say things like “Oh yeah, I get that it’s totally, like, important or whatever.” but it’s a lot closer to this .gif in reality.

Saving money is going to do two things: Help future you, which I’ve already stated, but it’s also going to teach you financial discipline. Learning how to not spend money is a lot harder than learning how to spend it, or sometimes even earning it. It’s a rare skill, but one that is going to pay off in big ways later on in life.

4. Going Into Debt

Way easier than it probably should be, going into debt is a big deal. It’s one of the biggest adulting problems we face. Most of us don’t even realize how easy it is until we’re already knee deep.

Anything from payments on a new phone or tv, or the fancy new credit card you just found out you qualify for. I know that sometimes a little help can go a long way in covering your needs, but we’re talking about frivolous spending. There is no way you ‘need‘ a new tv, and going into debt for so many things is often something that bites us in the ass later in life.

Now you have a small glimpse of the kind of common mistakes your fellow human beings have made, so learn from our mistakes and good luck with adulting.

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