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Professional Freelance Illustrator for 37 years.

Self-taught. Over 600 clients.

Yes, I Am An Artist For Hire

If you are looking for someone to work on your project, consider having a conversation with me. I’m talented, hard-working, deadline driven, and because 80% of my jobs are repeat/referral business, I’m pretty sure clients like me also.

I’m not the cheap option, but I am one of the best–especially if you need good communication, fast turnaround, and quality work. Just fill out the form and hit ‘send’. Let’s talk.

“Oh, Michael, I don’t know about this illustration. I look too glamorous. Too slender. Do you think Jamie could frump me up a little? Maybe add a few pounds?”
“We’re trying to sell books, mom. Not scare people away.”
Mike Rowe

Writer, Actor, TV Personality, MikeRowe.com

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Due to the number of inquiries I get, please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Have no fear, I always respond to my emails. Always.

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