I’m not generally a morning person, but every once in a while I wake up ready to conquer the world!

(Anyone else ever get that feeling?)

The only issue there, is that, for me, those ambitious feelings usually lead to a morning like this:

So I was going to make a healthy smoothie for breakfast. I woke up happy and refreshed, and determined to be positive.     

I go to get Charlie.

He is soaked through.

Gross, but he needed a bath today anyway. 


I go to get my baby.

She has a large bruise and goose egg on the left side of her face.

I panic and ask the kids what happened?!?

They inform me that on an attempt to help, they made bottles for her.

Because they could not reach her in her crib, they threw them to her, and she was hit. 

Sam-“It’s ok though. She’s tough like me. She didn’t cry because she saw the bottle.” 

I take a deep breath, check for further injury (nada) and move on.  

I go to make coffee.

My coffee pot crumbles (literally) into a pile of broken glass as I try to fill it….I’m confused and sad, but I will just make iced coffee.

I open the freezer.

There is no ice. 

The ice trays are in the sink.

I did not wash them last night because I wanted hot coffee this morning.

My determination begins slipping….but I catch it.

“Fine.” I think to myself.

“But now I’m having healthy pancakes instead of a smoothie”. 

We are out of 2 ingredients for my healthy pancakes.

My stomach grumbles.

My eyes start twitching. 

Fine! I’m having white flour pancakes AND syrup!!!  

I make said pancakes and some eggs, and everything begins looking up.

As I sit to eat, Olivia comes over, and for reasons unknown to me, places her hand flat on top of my pancake.

“My hand is the same size, mom!”    

I’m caught off guard, but I tell her gently why that wasn’t nice, and take the pancake to the counter to get a new one (the last one) while leaving my plate of eggs on the table. 

I turn around, with my new pancake, just in time to see Charlie (who’s mouth is full of his own pancake) sneeze directly onto my plate.

And that is how I ended up on my bedroom floor, eating my husband’s chocolate chip cookies, and a glass of milk with instant coffee and white sugar in it, for breakfast, instead of a smoothie.

Ah, yes….the best-laid plans.

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I’m curious…what plans have YOU had wrenched from your grasp by life? Let me know!

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