Bloodsticks: A brief history & practical application

When Höbin is contracted to research the popular game of chance, he quickly learns the truth surrounding its history is anything but.

Circumstances unfold faster than he can anticipate, pulling Höbin from his assignment and thrusting him into the shadows of intrigue, magic…and murder.


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Chapter 13:
Pee in a Bottle

It’s several minutes before I realize I’ve thrown caution to the wind, dashing through crowded paths and streets. But all I can think of is getting away from the wicked witch of lust. Sprinting through the center of the Market I slip back into the Roadkill Tavern.

My lungs feel as if they’re about to burst by the time I jump up onto a stool—wheezing and tomato red faced, which turn a few heads.

“You look like you’ve danced with an evil spirit and lived to tell the tale!” Wood teases me from behind the counter. He stifles a chuckle and sets a mug in front of me. With a steady hand, he pours me a drink. “You alright?”

“You’re not far off,” I grimace, “Barely escaped with my…uh,” but the thought is too revolting. “I just fled from Inimitable Essentials.”

Wood winces and splashes the drink all over the counter. “Now what’d you go and tell me that for, Höbin? Put that sick woman’s face in m’mind…now I’m gonna have nightmares.” He shutters violently.

“Sorry,” I mumble, pulling out the last of my coins. I slide them across the counter. “Here, I think I have my money problems figured out,” I lie. “I’ll get the rest to you soon.” Better a good man get the last of my coins, than the thugs who’ll probably bury me once they catch me.

Wood takes the coins, but his sickened expression remains. “What in the gods names did you want to visit Dodie for?” It’s a question I’m not sure I can answer fully.

She’s not going to let this infraction go, either—not when she’s been after me for the past two years. Before I know it, she’ll reorder any products I’ve mentioned and come looking for me. I taste bile again as I look pleadingly at Wood. “I was desperate,” I choke.

“Romancing a fate worse than death, if you ask me,” he says, clearing the dirty mugs from the counter. The large circles he’s rubbing into the wood get smaller and smaller until he finally stops and stares at me. “Is there something I can do to help, Höbin? You…in some kind of trouble?”

As big and gruff as Wood is, it always surprises me when he speaks gently.

“There’s many things I’d do for a friend,” then he leans in so only I can hear him. “Especially to keep them clear of that monster. I wouldn’t wish her attention to fall on any living soul!”

It’s difficult not to laugh—my imagination weaves thoughts of the tavern owner in mortal combat against the harpy of the Black Market. I bite my lip to keep from smiling. “The only way you could possibly help is if you had connections to get a vial of dragons urine.”

Woods concerned look contorts. His cheeks rise to meet his eye and eye-patch. His lips quiver and tremble until his mouth drops open, releasing a guffaw that nearly knocks me off my stool.

“Urine!?” he blurts out. “You…want…pee?! From…a dragon? BWAHAHAHA!!!”

I let my forehead hit the counter. “Someone just shoot me.”


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Overview & Preview

178 Pages

ISBN# ‎ 978-1614630302

Better than a bestiary, Hobin Luckyfeller does it again.

Hobin has two weeks to accomplish the impossible for a historian: Record the history of a specific game of chance, providing its origin, its top players, and furnish all of it as unique and original content.

As with the first book in the series, Demoni Vankil, I was captivated by Hobin Luckyfeller. His perspectives on life, people, and how clever he is kept my eyes hooked to the pages. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much–Hobin’s sarcasm is priceless. Each time I thought I had things figured out, the characters would prove me wrong, which was SO refreshing for a mystery book.

World building is first rate, with unforgettable characters you’ll both love, and love to hate. I’m overly excited to see there’s a second series based in the Chronicles world. Hobin is a character most are going to become addicted to. I recommend this for older teens and up.

– Amazon Review

What People Are Saying

What an amazing trip into Mr. Buckley's fantastic world and into the life of one of his most interesting characters. Once again Jamie has proved what a masterful storyteller he is.

Jaime Buckley keeps getting better and better as a storyteller and continues to draw you into this fascinating world. I think the thing that makes them such fun reads is his unique way of blending ancient language with modern humor.

Seriously cannot tell you how many times I snorted while reading this book (that's a compliment, I promise).

I don't know what to say, other than I like your creations more than Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn, series, though I do love his work a great deal. Just can't get enough of your world =).

Five stars for genius and creativity extraordinaire.

Bloodsticks was a fun, fast-paced mystery with a lot of laughs. I appreciated the fun of experiencing more of Hobin's personality....and going back to the Black Market. I found myself drawn in so much, I wanted to stop the story...and just wander around to meet people and look in more of the shops!

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