“One page to rule them all. One page to find them.
One page to bring them all, and with my wallet buy them.”

Chronicles of a Hero

Kidnapped from Earth, Wendell is given the legendary power of the Hero.

There’s just one problem. 

they grabbed the wrong guy.

YA Fantasy/Humor

YA Fantasy/Humor

YA Fantasy/Humor

YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Humor

YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Humor

YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Humor

YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Humor

YA Mystery/Horror/Humor

Höbin Luckyfeller’s Fieldguide

Join the award-winning gnome historian on his adventures, solving the mysteries of the age.

YA Mystery/Love Story

YA Mystery/Humor

…oh, wait….there’s more.

Visit the world of Chronicles of a Hero nearly a thousand years before Wendell even shows up…and help shape the story-line!


…or maybe you like comics?

I’m talking about the “original” comics, that started all this craziness–from 2004-2006!

They can be read on a device, your monitor, OR you can do what the original fans did–and print them off on your own computer!!

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