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What People Are Saying

I must dedicate part of this review to the author, Jaime Buckley. This guy is a genious. The effort and heart he has obviously put into his work, the characters and this world is mind-blowing.

Books That Spark, UK

I was always a sucker for comedy, but this book had me laughing till me cheeks hurt. Wendell has so many hilarious side comments and thoughts that I couldn't help but want to see how he reacted to everything.

Leilani, USA

Quirky, unique and oh so funny. That's how I would describe Prelude to a Hero. This book is an intruduction to the awesome tale in which an awkward boy has to save the blue residents of a far away planet from evil. This debut novel is a epic story that will leave you craving for more.

Olivia, Sweden

I must admit that this fun tale had me giggling throughout. Jaime Buckley makes good use of Wendell's hilariously unaware and over-the-top personality. He says and thinks the most absurd things at opportune moments, making it difficult not to like him. The use of punctuation and general formatting also help to further emphasise the humour.

Lisa, AU

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