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Are you for hire as an illustrator?

Yes. I don’t take on as many jobs as I used to, but I’m still a freelancer. Depending on the type of jobs I am currently engaged in, or have scheduled, will determine how many and what kind of work I’m able to consider.


Do you accept speaking engagments?

Not right now. Due to family emergencies and my own health issues, travel just isn’t possible. My hope is to be more available near the end of 2022 and fully mobile by spring 2023.


Will you consider interviews?

Absolutely. I love talking shop with people, especially if it’ll help or entertain folks. Back in the “good ‘ol days” I’d have bloggers ask me to be a part of roundups. Audio or text, I’d be happy to do an interview.


Would you be on my podcast?

I LOVE doing podcasts! Life has prevented me from staying consistent with my own shows, but I love the whole process. So yes, if you have a podcast, and are crazy enough to want me? Shoot me an email.

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