Cross Point

WHAT IF…YOU were the Hero?

Step into the world of Wanted Hero, nearly a thousand years before the Chronicles began…at a time when Mahan is at war with the world.

Travel with Dorbane, a Kutollum warrior and Valda, a beautiful Gypsy, to Castle Andilain.

But beware – each and every choice you make will affect the future.

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Player intro #2

You are traveling with your two best friends: Dorbane, a grumpy, yet loyal Kutollum and Valda, a beautiful young Gypsy girl. You have been traveling for weeks towards the capital city of Andilain. It’s been a long walk, through the Tilliman Highlands, around the mountain of Idumea and through the fields of Ashbrook and Fallcreek. You’re in good company. You laugh, sing and talk about your plans for the future as decorated, respected members of the Kings Army.

The trip is nearly over. By sunset tomorrow, you will be enlisting in the greatest military force this world has ever seen.

The season is fading, so the nights are growing longer. As the sun starts to set upon the green hills of the land, you notice that travelers upon the roads quickly become scarce. Most refuse to travel in the night, and you three have heard rumors of evil things seen in the shadows of the forest. Some whisper of monsters, invaders and the awakening of darker magic.

“Can’t we rest?” complains Valda, “We’ve walked all day and my feet are killing me!”

Her raven black hair reflects the last rays of sunlight, shimmering over her tan shoulders. She gives you a pleading look that you always find hard to resist. When this fails to get the desired sympathy, she bats her eyes at you.

Dorbane chuckles, “Oh give the girl a break…it’s not going to hurt our progress and she’ll finally stop complaining!”

You laugh and shrug, “Alright. We take a break for a half-hour, but then we push on through the night. I want to be in Andilain by morning light, agreed?”

“Agreed!” she squeals and bounces over to Dorbane to kiss the Kutollum on the cheek.

The three of you have always been close. At least as long as you can remember, anyway. Ever since the raids on your village of Sangil. Both you and Valda were orphans to begin with, but when the Kutollum assisted in fighting off attacks from the Southern Shores, Dorbane found himself without a father. The battle was long and bloody. Few survived the assault as the enemy pushed inland. It was within the mountains that the battle was finally won—with the help of the citizens. Dorbane had lost his father. When the soldiers moved on, he decided to stay with a young human who had saved his life.

That human is you.

The Gypsy girl finds a log stump, sits down, pulls off her soft leather boots and shakes out the gravel. “I hate walking this far,” she mumbles with a huff. “And I told you we should have brought more bread! I’m starving.”

Dorbane chuckles, “I thought you Gypsies loved to wander—that it’s in your blood?”

“Wander…not march,” she corrects him. She looks up at you with a sweet expression on her face. “I’m sorry. You know I’d follow you anywhere.” She pauses and gives you a comical smirk, “Just wish I knew where anywhere was.”

You laugh together.

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Overview & Preview

204 Pages

ISBN# ‎978-1614630524

You have heard the rumors.

The shadows of evil are growing across the sea and touch your lands. The Lord of Darkness is waging open war upon the world of mortals. Gathering his armies from the dark places of the world, he seeks to divide and conquer the races of light.

The year is 6013s (sundering).

You have a decision to make. Those you know and those you care about are suffering because of the wars that are encroaching upon them. Unless the evil is stopped, they will perish.

The dark armies invade every nation but that of the Nocturi, who shroud their island in magic. The Kutollum have successfully defended their mountain homelands of ice and stone, temporarily driving the hordes back into the frozen sea. The Evolu, after a season of bitter war and death, have been forced to flee their homelands, to save what is left of their people. Even the powerful Getti, who live in secret, feel the rising tempest upon the land. Record sightings have been made in the populated cities and sea ports of the gentle giants. Even the gnomes, the smallest and weakest of all, have sent those with hearts so full of righteous indignation, to use their forbidden magic in defense of the land.

High King Gaston has sent a proclamation to every able-bodied citizen—calling all patriots to the human capital of Andilain. The nation is gathering and the great armies of the world have also answered the call, under one banner. There is soon to be a Gathering of Kings.

The greatest alliance in history is about to be formed.

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I wish there were more books in this series, because the experience of living IN this world was more fun that I expected!

I think I've died twelve times. Buckley's ability to weave a story is incredible.

I grew up reading choose your own adventure books, and to have something like that in the Chronicles of a Hero universe made me smile from ear to ear!

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