Setting goals is the subject bubbling at the front of my skull this morning…

There are a few things you’ll never get to see behind the scenes here at my home. The trials and challenges from day to day, trying to survive as a large family under serious and often complex circumstances, while pushing forward—relationships that affect your mindset and more.

One of my big issues personally is health.

I used to be fit and physically obsessed with honing fighting skills. It has a lot to do with experiences growing up and challenges to keep myself safe. Yet when my mother died suddenly in a car accident in 2004, my emotional world dropped out from under me. I gave up in certain aspects of my life and turned to food for comfort.

Short version: I got fat. Really fat. Kids call it fluffy, Kathi calls it ‘stout’ (bless her heart), but I know what it is.

Me back in 2003. Yes, I was sharing the food…

At 240lbs, I was at my fighting optimum weight. Lifting weights and at 5’ 9” tall, I felt like a tank. Now at 368lbs, I feel more like an Orca Whale. Still one of the fastest and more flexible fat people you’ll likely meet—but I have to get this blubber off me. So I spend a good deal of time ill, with both back and chest pains as a regular rotation during the week.


So what? What does this have to do with ME??

I bring this up, because I awoke in a rather cool mood this morning. Gratefully my little Roman walked up to me with a huge smile and said boldly, “I love you dad,” and that building misery just fell from my shoulders. Very aware of my duties and tight schedule to build the rest of this website, I want to turn my life around in a physical way—not just in dollars and cents.

This set of bad life choices has become a barrier to me writing books for you. It affects if I can do a podcast, design games, and whatever I have in the pipeline.

It took extreme pain for me to realize how out of whack I am, and if I want to achieve the goals I’ve set for writing–it means change must happen.

To make matters MORE challenging, my last visit to my doctor revealed I am a diabetic.

Not, borderline, mind you–apparently I jumped off a cliff and into the deep end of the ocean.


I don’t over eat, but that doesn’t matter as much as I thought it did.

In fact, over the last week since I got the news from my doctor I’ve been eating very healthy when I eat at all. Mr. candy bar hasn’t had so much as a pinch of sugar–and dropped my blood level from 357 to 187 so far!

I know–you’ve probably done way better than me–but my wife is proud of me, and my stress level is dropping. I’m not working to exhaustion anymore—with those regular 12-15 hour days, six days a week. Nope. I’m focusing on 5-8 hours with laser precision and achieving more.

Yet I never exercise.

I think it’s because last time I picked them up (about 8 months ago) I herniated a disc in my back and was in physical therapy for sciatica for 5 months.

One of the things I teach my children is that there’s only two major events in life, no matter how you categorize it:

You either act…or you are acted upon.

I stopped taking good care of my body (act), so I got fat (acted upon).


It’s high time I make better choices for myself, which will, in turn, affect my life and especially my family, in a positive way. Heck—I’d like Kathi to have a good looking husband for a change.

Don’t tell her I said that.

So this is the shift. Right here, right now.

I’m telling you, so you can help keep me on track (call it accountability)—and if I’m lucky, get some encouragement and counsel.

That’s what setting goals is about: Making changes to get you closer to your dreams.

The reality is, we’re the ones in the drivers seat. Sure, you might have external conditions and circumstances, but we ARE ultimately in control of our choices, emotions and how we act to any given set of those circumstances.

Let’s take ownership then. Both of the actions AND the end results.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing from time to time, but I wanted to share this as the start of this new blog, and the new website.

Id like to be around for a long time to come–so I can win you over as a super fan.