You are about to get a treat…because Cesilea Barber is one of THE funniest mothers I know, and she has agreed to begin a mini-series called “LIVI OUT LOUD” right here on this website. Enjoy.

#1 It is VITAL to have a support system in place to help you reach your health and beauty goals.

Get one in place!

(I don’t talk to other adults on a regular basis, and since I felt I may need people who I see every day to be my support, AND also I can’t afford a trainer or personal stylist because of the tiny money spenders in my home, I chose my kids to fill this role.)

#2 Set realistic goals.

Now, I won’t be able to give up coffee, chocolate or carbs because of a preexisting mental health condition.

So my goals are to:

A) Be moderately clean when going out or greeting company/be very clever with body spray and dry shampoo.

B) Try to get exercise every now and then/get past feeling awkward about not being fit.

C) Compensate humor for an hourglass figure/remember that if both your butt and boobs are comparatively large, then technically you DO have an hourglass figure.

D) Feel confident as the rockstar mom I am, even without my hair and makeup done, without needing to explain myself/my appearance.

#3 Don’t push yourself too far, too fast.

LISTEN to your support team when they tell you to ease up!

For example: 

When you’re doing a hip hop dance routine, and your 4 year old says, “Whoa! Mom! Stop that!!”

And you say, “Why? Isn’t this fun?”

And he says, “Yeah….um….but I’m just scared one of those (points to your boobs) is gonna hit you in the face and knock you out if you don’t stop that.” 

Then you should definitely take a break.

You’re pushing yourself too hard.

No need to risk injury!

#4 When your confidence is down, and you need an encouraging word, turn to your team!

Livi- “Your hair is always so fun! I like the spider webby parts. It looks like Halloween every day!”

Sam-“It’s cool when your eyebrows start touching in the middle of your forehead. It’s like you’re turning into girl Chewbacca.”

Charlie-“You is not too stinky mommy.”

Listen to your team.

Believe their encouragement, and let it lift you.

#5 When encountered by bullies or surrounded by people you’re not comfortable with, let your team be the ones to defend you.

Kid at park: “My mom does monkey bars with me. Your mom is too fat.”

Livi: “Well my mom eats brownies with me.
“And she’s so squishy there’s enough spots for ALL of us to snuggle on her!
“If you snuggled your mom, it’d break your dumb face!”   

You don’t need to concern yourself with toxic people.

Let your team take charge of that.

#6 Remember how beautiful you are, especially to those who love you!

Charlie-“you is prettyful, mommy.”

Livi-“Yes. I love you just like how you are!”

Sam-“Yeah! You is beautiful! And if you was a man, you would be handsome!, and if you was a troll I would take pictures of you anyway!”

And last but not least…

#7 Laugh lines are better than frown lines, and embarrassment is pointless when you have kids.


Cesilea Barber

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