Akansha, age 15 from Surat, India emailed us. She asks:

“How old is Chuck? He seems to know so many people. I was wondering, especially after reading about all the pictures in his house that Wendell saw.”

That’s a very good question, Akansha. I would also say that your specific question is very important to the Chronicles of a Hero. That being said, I need to be careful how I answer. The wrong information could sour readers and upset The Narrator. I also don’t want to ruin the Wanted Hero experience for others.

Chuck, also known as Morphiophelius “Smith”, is a special individual. Not only is he one of the most unique beings I have ever met– he is what I refer to as a scale. What I mean by this is, if you take this world, which has countless layers of information, history, genealogy and conflicts along with the future potential centered around Wendell…you can link them through a single personality. A person who is acquainted with both the past, present and a good measure of the future.

That’s Chuck.

He’s the old man who’s seen it all, done it all and has been a vital participant in many of the key events of our history. A…window for all of us to look through when we want to known more about the heart of this world, it’s people or it’s secrets.

Now, he’s not immortal by any means…but I can’t give you a specific age. The fact is, I don’t know that answer.

Here’s the good news: Chuck’s story will unfold in many ways, with each new Chronicles release. Not just the Chronicles of a Hero series, but my own books, even the games created by the Author will have hints infused within them.

My hope as a Historian, is that readers like yourself, Akansha, will figure out the grand puzzle in time. That you will enjoy the web of intrigue, mystery and heroism along the way.

I know this isn’t a perfect answer, but that’s the best I can do…for now! Thanks for the email.