Howling Shadows

Bloody Screams. Enchanted Wolves. Shadows trying to KILL you.
Now mix in a terrified teen.

Finally home and safe from psychotic Noah, one’d think Wendell deserves a moment’s rest from the Iskari High Council, not making up a year’s worth of meetings.

Add to that Dax being at death’s door, Alhannah being eaten up from the inside out, and his new gnome roomies are bouncing off the walls.

So Wendell runs.

Problem is, he didn’t realize HOW much running he’d be doing!

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It’s pointless to lie to a roommate.
They see you for what you really are.
Your dishes piled in the sink, dirty laundry spewed over the floor, and yet…they choose to live with you anyway.
Don’t be stupid.
Just tell the truth.


Wendell’s eyes blew open, torn from the nightmare by a shriek of such intensity he nearly lost control of his bodily functions. Heart pounding into his throat and arms flailing outward, his self preservation instincts kicked in.

…and he reacted as any brave hero would.

Wendell screamed like a girl.


Stumbling backwards, the little boy tripped over a few stray pieces of wood on the floor and went sprawling to the ground.

“AH—AHH—AHHHHHH!” he screamed back in reply.

Eyes as big as saucers, tiny hands and feet scrambled away from Wendell like a trapped rodent, scurrying across the wooden floor until his body slammed against the stone wall of the hearth.

“AHHHHHH!” he repeated even louder.

A clamor of footsteps rumbled through the house and another, older boy, appeared in the doorway.

Blinking the sleepiness from his eyes, he blurted, “Kale, what’s wrong?!”

Kale’s small hand trembled as it raised to fixate on Wendell, his tiny fingers pointing, “D-D-DEAD MAN!”

“WooAH!!” the older boy jumped back. Head whipping about, he grabbed the wood axe leaning against the tinder box and pulled it up to the ready. Legs uncertain, he quickly hopped across the floor to place himself in front of Kale.

“WOAHHHH-HO THERE!” Wendell shrieked, struggling to get free from the assaulting blanket. He yanked and twisted, struggling to pull his hands loose, but the cloth was determined to win the grappling match. He rolled in a not-so-graceful burrito move, away from the kid with the axe.

Tumbling backward across the wooden floor, it creaked in protest. Wendell finally gave a loud grunt, kicked the blanket violently from his legs and stumbled to his feet.

Just in time to see another face appear in the doorway.

“He doesn’t look dead to me,” added the little girl, rubbing her eyes calmly with a yawn. She looked to be no more than five or six years old, with soft brown curly hair and chocolate eyes. Clutching a tiny doll to her chest, she yawned again, which ended up in a smile at Wendell. She wiggled her fingers in a wave.

“Lyndie, stay back!” shouted axe boy, who stared at Wendell warily. He wiggled the axe with mock gestures of violence. “He’s dangerous!”

“I’m not dangerous,” Wendell grunted, eyes darting between each child.

“That’s what a dangerous person would say,” replied the boy, “so you can kill us in our sleep!”

“Just whack ‘em, Tim!” cried Kale, “He was dead anyway—so, not like it would be a bad thing to do!”

Lyndie looked up at Wendell, her bottom lip popping out in a pout. “You want to kill us in our sleep?” She squeezed her doll tightly against her chest, her eyes quickly turning red and moist. “That’s not very nice.”

“No!” Wendell stammered, “I would never kill you in your sleep, Lyndie.” He forced out a grin, which looked more ominous than genuine.

“See,” Tim sneered, bobbing the axe in his grip ready to strike, “SEE! He admits it! It might not be in our sleep, but he DOES want to kill us!”

Lyndie gasped.

Wendell held up his hands, “What? No. NO! That’s not what I meant! I…”

With a thump-thump-thump down the stairs, another set of feet added their presence to the room.

“Someone found a dead man?”

The excitement in the youths voice came to an abrupt end as soon as he hit the last step. One look at Wendell caused his legs to lock, arms to fling out to his sides and his mouth drop wide open.


Kale’s eyes popped wide all over again, nodding to the last boy in frantic agreement. Glancing back at Wendell he opened his mouth and added “AHHHHHH!”

“PLEASE STOP YELLING!??” bellowed Elsa from the top of the stairs.

Like a magic spell, the room fell silent.


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Overview & Preview

616 Pages

ISBN# 978-1614631064

After being kidnapped, tortured, ridiculed, and having your best friends clinging to life, you probably wouldn’t be so motivated to jump right into meetings with people who expect more than you’re able to give at present. So Wendell runs.

He doesn’t know where he’s going, or what exactly he’s going to do, but one things for certain–he needs to clear his head and figure out who he truly is. Unfortunately, without the protection of his mentor and bodyguard, Wendell’s about to find out just how vulnerable he truly is.

I’m just going to say that this book scared me. Many times. I was not prepared to feel as paranoid as I did, or to literally look over my shoulder after some of the descriptions the author crafted with bold precision.

Howling Shadows will show you not only what is expected of our hero, you’re going to have a front row seat to witness just how Mahan works.

– Amazon Review

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Chronicles of a Hero is as addictive as cake is to a fat person. BRING ME MY FORK!!

A perfect introduction to what goes BUMP in the night.

Wendell has a way of sucking you into the story and if by the time your done with the first 3 chapters you aren't asking for more, I would be very surprised.

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