Yes it’s true. I’m back.

Go on, admit it…you’ve missed me, haven’t you?

It’s been a rough year for us Buckley’s.

Ill health, family emergencies and $#@$!! Obamacare.

Don’t get me started on that one.

The worst anxiety has been a combination of losing + 9 years of work in computer/host crashes (irritating/depressing) and my sweet daughter-in-law almost losing her life (sheer terror).

On the other side of the coin, we also have much to be grateful for:

  • my wife started a new business with our daughters making project bags for knitting and crochet enthusiasts (;
  • I rebuilt in full color and started writing fantasy stories again;
  • I purchased new equipment and software to create podcasts, videos, animation and more…
  • …and I realized how much I missed blogging.

It took me losing a great deal to appreciate what I already had (hey, didn’t someone make a song or write some poem about that?).

The painful process also helped me realize that I’ve been interacting with you in the wrong way.

Without going into crazy detail here (and it’s 5:48am, I’ve been up all night)…let me give you a microwave version of what I mean.

I love writing, sharing, teaching, inspiring, uplifting and interacting with those I meet and associate with. However, I’ve developed the habit of confining myself to the way other professionals build their businesses. Most of the time, doubting my own skills and worth.

Which is stupid…as in Dumb & Dumber stupid. You should never dip your toe into the shark-infested waters of comparisons.

…but I did…and I was swimmin’ NAKED!

Ooo–sorry, ugly visual there…

The fact is, I’m happy when I’m writing and helping people.

Yes, my goal is still to make a living from my Wanted Hero books…but how I get there won’t come from conventional thinking or traditional means. I’m NOT like other bloggers, writers or artists.

I’m me.

Take that for whatever it’s worth, but I cannot be–no, that’s not right–I shouldn’t be anyone other than who I am and who I am meant to be.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Of course you would. You’re smart, which is why we hang out so much =)

I have a great deal to say and share, and so I started arranging my resources between this website and It won’t be perfect, but neither am I.

You’re much closer to perfection than I am, which is another reason I love having you around =)

So this snippet of an article is to let you know that I’m back, I’m stoked to be here and even more so about what I have planned over the next year. It’s about time you and I have some fun again…so here we go.


I’ll see you soon,

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