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It’s funny how easy it is to get caught up in life. You have a job, a significant other, a social life.

You’re watching the hours tick by at your job, thinking 5 PM is never going to hit. When it finally does you run home, anxious to end the day. You spend the week waiting for the weekend as if it’s never going to come; and when it does, it’s gone far too quickly.

This cycle repeats itself over and over and you can barely keep up. Next thing you know six months have gone by and you’re wondering where the year has gone.

You realize it’s been weeks since you’ve called your mom. Months since you’ve seen your grandparents. It’s not that you haven’t wanted to, rather, time just got away from you, right?

I have this uncle that I used to spend a lot of time with. I would visit him a few times a week, stay nights, and help him with his yard work. We planted trees, put in grass, poured a new driveway, you name it. I loved being there, it was one of my favorite places to be.

He is an old Vietnam veteran, and he just didn’t want to be alone. I was happy to oblige because he was so easy to be around. I could spend time there anytime I wanted, and just enjoy it.

And then I moved.

I didn’t move far, maybe 45 minutes to an hour away. I kept saying next weekend I’ll go drive up there.

I was telling myself that for the next two years.

I finally pulled myself together enough to go see him after all that time, and do you know what he asked me?

“Did you forget about me?”

In all my rush to have my own life I had forgotten someone I cared about, and they had felt the loss. I had been so focused on me and my side of that relationship that I had forgotten that there was another side. That my company had meant a lot to him.

I understand that there are actual limitations to what you can and cannot do and that visiting someone daily, or even weekly is often outside of your ability to do so. But please don’t forget to take times for the people you love. It’s not about willful neglect, we just get so busy in our lives we forget sometimes.

If you don’t make time, for whatever reason, time is going to keep passing and the years are going to start stacking on. And when you finally are able to take a break, to relax from the busy life you’ve had, you’re going to want to go see that loved one and you might just end up talking to a headstone.

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