A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.

-Charlotte Kasl

Do you remember when you were two years old?

I don’t.

Crap, I have a hard time remembering what happened last month.

Seemed like a year ago.


(Get it!? It’s January 5th….last year….2016…it’s a…oh, never mind)

ANYway…Simon, who just turned 2, woke up completely soaked.

He’d been up with me until almost 11pm last night, wired and wanting to play, so I let him go to bed with a bottle.

Not the brightest idea, but this was damage control.

Mom strips him down, cleans him up, and as sister is looking for his clothes, he snuggles in a blanket.

Then he notices the heavy snowfall outside.

The whole landscape is covered in frost.

“I need to go outside,” he says, jumping up and going to the window.

“But you’re NAKED,” mom points out, “you don’t any have clothes on!”

Simon looks down, nods, then replies, “Oh. I need shoes.”

Stifling laughs, the rest of the kids nod in encouragement.

Mom starts to laugh as Simon walks casually to the front door, finds his shoes and proceeds to put them on.

Now equipped to face the world boldly, he smiles and goes to the patio door.

“Asia, can you open the door for me?” he asks his sister.

“It’s COLD,” Asia replies.

“But I need to go outside,” he pleads again.

With a nod from mom, Asia slowly opens the door.

An icy breeze rushes into the house and whips past Roman.

Tiny hands in a jerk reaction, slap over his little man parts.

“Aren’t you going outside?” sister asks, holding back her laughter.

“No,” Roman says with a shiver. “I need MORE clothes!”

…and he proceeded to put on gloves.

I love natural consequences.

It’s a powerful tool in parenting.

Better yet, it provides a considerable amount of humor when you’re trapped at home, in the snow.


Have an awesome day!