[muhth-er] – noun

1. One person who does the work of twenty. For free.

(See also: ‘masochist’, ‘loony’, ‘insane’, ‘saint’.)

My kids thought I was crazy when I told them that love in a marriage was not enough.

All of my daughters frowned at me, but I assured them that there was something within me (and within their mother) that had to be in place for us to endure all things.

We’re fickle beings when it comes to love.

…and stupid too.

Hollywood and pop culture use the word ‘love’ in such ways it’s not only lost its value, love has lost its true meaning.

But not when you have your WHY in place.

WHY do I love Kathilynn.

WHY did we get married.

WHY am I still here after 12 children, 7 grandchildren and countless event (still occurring) which are inconceivable to the ‘average’ mind?


Oh, what?

You think I’m sharing my WHY with you?

Dream on.

My point is, it’s that WHY that allows my wife and me, no matter what we’re going through, to stop, reassess our circumstances and reorientate on why we’re here.

Why we’re married.

Why we love each other so very much.

…an why we’re gonna keep going.

It’s the same with parenting.

You MUST know WHY you’re doing it, for one simple fact:


You’re going to get confused.

There’s little doubt you’re going to get ticked off, frustrated and even lost.

It’s a FACT that you’ll feel unappreciated at times.

…and the result could be a desire to put those little monsters up for adoption.

That…or sell them to the first Gypsy clan you bump into.

POINT is, to create the powerful foundation of your parenting, you have to know why you’re doing it in the first place.

“Because I have to” won’t cut it.

Your WHY is a shining beacon of light at the end of bad days, bad experiences and when you’re recovering from that ice cream coma, after eating 32 containers of Ben & Jerry’s Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

Why are you a parent?

What is your purpose in parenting?

What experiences will you look back on and say, “That was worthwhile” when your kid is 20 years old and left the house?

Raising a child won’t happen on accident, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it on purpose either.

Raising a child becomes hard when we neglect to prepare our mind and hearts.

When we fail to act and are, instead, acted upon through circumstances.

You’re better than this!

When you identify what motivates you, what inspires you and you can identify what kind of parent you want to be to your child, you can then create specific goals to accomplish those desires.

Stop hoping for the best.

Families don’t succeed by accident.

Specific goals are created.

Plans are laid.

Actions are carried out in a specific order to achieve the desired results.

…with the focus and endurance created by a powerful WHY behind it all.

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Jaime Buckley

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