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“Jaime’s commitment to teaching kids how to be better people is inspiring.

He manages to teach heroism and other niceties through his fiction so that his readers don’t even realize they’re learning. That’s the best kind of teaching and it’s rare. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone like him and there’s probably a reason for that.

So, get to know him – you won’t regret it.”

– Matt Langdon, Founder of The Hero Roundtable

The Jaime Buckley Family

“My goal is to provide you with an unfair advantage in winning the hearts of your children.”

What YOU will get from this page:

FUNdamentals of Parenting was always more than just mom and dad, or showing them how to raise decent kids. The intent behind my books, reports, the blog, my podcast and even the Facebook Group was about family.

THIS page is here to help you, the parent.

The REST of this website is for your family.

Yes, I focus on your kids–but these same books and games can be used by you to get closer to your children. Read with them, read to them, read apart from them and then start conversations!


What To Do Next

  • Read my 12 Fun Strategies book for a good foundation to start from.
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The Jaime Buckley Family

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Because I LOVE you–and want to prove…YOU CAN DO THSI!!


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The Jaime Buckley Family

This podcast is the best way for me to get this material out to the largest audience, and is one of the FEW things I pour my own money into–so every parent on the planet can have access to my lovely dad voice.

Please tell 2-3 people about it.

Remember, you got this!

Each of us are only so much further down the same path as our kids. One day at a time.
Think of 2-3 people who could use this information and tell them about this podcast.

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