My little girl, Wynnie, seeks me out during the day.

All she wants is to give her dad a hug.

I love that about her.

On top of that, her, Simon and Carley always run to the door when I leave, asking for hugs and kisses goodbye.

It got me thinking about spending time with my children.

There’s a popular saying that I think is bunk:

Quality time is more important than quantity time.


Oh yes Jaime, I may not spend much time with my kids, but it’s quality time.

Don’t think I’ve heard such a load of horse crap in my life.

Hope you find a pony in all that manure.

Look, the point here is time.


Spend it how you can get it and if you do so with the intent to love your children, they’ll remember.

I don’t have much time myself…but I take a child with me to the store when I run errands.

To make is special, I always get a treat for us to share.

There are times when I’m so burned out, I can hardly think.

I sit on the couch and wouldn’t you know it, one of my daughters wants to come snuggle with dad and lay her head on my shoulder.

Sometimes it’s nibbling on popcorn and watching a TV show we all enjoy.

At other times it’s a walk because I need exercise.

The POINT here is…if you love your children and they realize you WANT to spend time with them, they’ll love it, no matter what you do together.

Just a message from the Family Emergency Broadcast System.

If this were a real emergency, children would be breaking the furniture and running fro the room in hysteria.

….or is that mom?

Regardless, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.