Race to Til-Thorin

Dream Girls. Fried Snails.
A 30″ bodyguard with pink ponytails.

Being a hero comes with learning curves.

The curve of a hip. The curve of a sword. The curve of a sucker punch as t connects with your face.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Wendell had professional sto help him.

Instead, he’s stuck with a feisty gnome, a senile old wizard, and a green skinned, cigar-smoking babysitter to guide him’

Is it too late to quit?

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When you’re on the run, just remember, you don’t necessarily have to be the fastest.
…just faster than the last guy.

The popping noises resounded through Wendell’s head as the bones of his jaw and neck realigned. UNGH! With each pop, he sighed with relief. The pounding throb in his temples subsided and his vision finally came into perfect focus. Dax was hastily pulling him through the front door of the Roadkill Tavern, Alhannah and the wizard close at their heels.

“Why are we running?” he asked, pulling from Dax’s grip. Wendell glanced back at the wizard, who wore a frantic expression. “What’s going on?”

“Right,” Chuck sighed, “microwave version.” He ushered Wendell forward, guiding him between buildings, towards the Market exit. The wizard looked left and right, over his shoulder and even up at the ceiling. “I brushed you aside to hide your identity from Istul,” he started rapidly. “I’m sorry, my boy. Truly. Thule’s not here, but his henchmen are.”

Wendell quickly followed without having to be prompted.

“Four Vallen soldiers—scouts, sitting in the tavern, saw what you just did—then left without a word. That doesn’t bode well for us.” He flipped around suddenly and squeezed Wendell’s shoulders like an excited father, “Even though I’m SO proud of what I saw back there!” He quickly looked him up and down, “You ok? Any open wounds, missing fingers or toes?”

“I’m good…” Wendell started, trying to put the pieces together.

“Ya got yerself noticed,” grumbled Dax, peeking around a corner and waving them forward.

“…and that means?” Wendell gulped.

“Were screwed.” He stopped and threw himself against a wall—each of them following Dax’s example. “If we’re lucky,” he whispered, “we can get out of here before they catch us and deny it ever happened.”


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Overview & Preview

394 Pages

ISBN# 978-1614630272

The first book, Prelude to a Hero, was enjoyable–but I had no idea it was a set-up to a world like this! My nerves were on edge, my gut hurts from laughing, and I hate to admit it, but I cringed more than once from Wendell’s inner dialogue. I can relate to him a bit too much, which had me cheering him on.

That said, the story grabbed my attention and never let go. The worldbuilding in this book is on par with or exceeds any pro I can think of. The ‘Black Market’ alone is going to make Harry Potter fans squeal with delight! I’ve also become fond of the ‘Narrator’ quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Each snippet is both clever and profound.

WARNING: This series is turning out to be addictive. Already bought the next two books in the series, based on my experiences with this book. If you like to laugh and be entertained, consider giving this book a try.“

– Amazon Review

What People Are Saying

Is kissing considered 'sexual content'??? I only wish I could write 1/1000000000 times as good. This guy can write!!! The story is very engaging and keeps you wondering who you can trust...including the Hero. I can't wait to read the WHOLE series. WOW!!!

I’ve Discovered My New Favorite Fantasy Series.

AMAZING! True to the series, Race to Til-Thorin kept up with my kid's expectations for adventure, laughter, and fun. This book opened up some very interesting and deep discussion material for my children and I, adding an extra dimension to the book when you can apply it to real life. Thank you Jaime Buckley!

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