Second Chances

Everything has a time and a season.

Everything…and everyone. When its your time to shine – dont’ hesitate. Be SO good, you make them eat crow.

Unfortunately, Wendell has learned that gnomes may LOOK small and sweet, but they can be equally vicious, competitive and cruel. It’s a lesson that could cost him his life…especially while fighting his way to the top of the Trench Wars charts.

What makes matters worse, is he was never prepared to uncover a nasty secret, hidden deep within the very bowels of Clockworks City itself.

A secret he’s not willing to keep.

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You can get much further in life with a kind word and a club than a kind word alone.

“You ready?” asked Nat through the com-link.

Dax smiled and flexed his fingers, “Just let me at ‘em.”

Alhannah and Wendell sat next to the gnome programmer at the computer console as they listened to the announcers countdown.

“2…1…” boomed the voice—and the buzzer echoed throughout the arena. The trench exploded with movement. Four of the five S.L.A.G.s sprinted towards the center structure. The fifth, Nosedive, jumped straight into the air—spreading its wings wide as booster jets belched out flame and smoke, propelling it upward.

“Great,” complained Dax, “another flyer.”

“Just ignore him for now,” counseled Nat, “Cryo’s working on cracking the database.” He looked over at Alhannah, “We’ve learned a few things from last time.”

“Doesn’t matter,” grunted Dax, the giant, heavy duty machine mimicking the pumping action of his own legs, like locomotive pistons. “There’s only one pilot I want here…”

Alhannah put on her head mic, “Don’t get cocky, Dax, we’re here to win this—so you can’t pick and choose. Darcy’s also tougher than you might think. Even at close range, he’s dangerous.”

“Noted.” The mic crackled, then, “Besides, it looks like I have another problem to deal with first.”

The fans were cheering at the giant, hot pink S.L.A.G. known as The Girl Next Door, who yanked a huge two-handed axe from a shoulder strap as she sprinted. Using the other arm, she shot four small canisters from a wrist cannon into the air. The projectiles whizzed and tumbled towards Nosedive, as the S.L.A.G. arched overhead.

They exploded in a mini-cluster—sparks spraying over the arena.

“He’s hit!” Wendell pointed at the monitor, “Nosedive is going down!”


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Overview & Preview

246 Pages

ISBN# ‎978-1614630906

Exciting, gut-wrenching, with an ending to make your jaw drop!

Things for Wendell have taken a turn for the worse. Not only are there gnomes in power trying to keep him from winning the Trench Wars competition, there are some who want our hero dead. But what can people in power do when the population is on the side of a decent-hearted person who refuses to give up?

And then there’s the ‘Rocco’s Bottom BBQ’.

Expect to do a lot of grinning and cheering. I’ve been both fascinated and engrossed by the ingenious creation of an xtreme sport with 40’ robots fighting in an enclosed arena. My heart hurt as Wendell finds himself isolated, and he has to make some hard choices. Choices that resemble things in our own world that few of us want to talk about.

The places you’ll experience in this book will most likely convert you to this world. I can’t recommend this series enough.

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What People Are Saying

If you enjoy science fiction/fantasy and fun adventures, you should check out Buckley's Wanted Hero series. Enjoyable to read and appropriate for younger readers, this is a series I hope continues and goes far. Just plain fun entertaining reading.

My one regret? ... I want more of the story! I will be waiting... know you have found a great book when you want to slap the author and give the author a hug at the same time, when you take some of the plot turns personally.

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