The Truth About Lies

Caught. Tortured. Scheduled for execution. Any questions?

Wendell and Dax are exposed and the gnomes of Clockworks City are freaking out. Are they spies? Is this an invasion? Was this all just a terror tactic to getg gnomes to pay their taxes?

Now with Wendell under arrest and Dax under armed guard, it’s going to take a pardon from President Shrub to set them free.

Good thing Chuck’s planning to kidnap his kids.

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You are not a toy. You are not someone’s plaything. But if someone puts you under a microscope—don’t get offended. Use it as an opportunity to get a closer look at yourself, from another set of eyes…

At first Wendell thought he heard the ocean. The pounding sound of the water hitting the shore, rolling up the sand and leaving that white film as the moisture washed back out to sea. But wouldn’t the beach be warm? Surely the sun would be on his face and he’d feel more comfortable than he was.

His mind continued to swim—the sounds changing from rushing waters to the crackling of plastic.

“Yes, place the scalpels over there. Right there. Thank you.”

The voice was calm, methodical. Female.

In the background…tearing. Packaging being opened, more plastic. There was also beeping. Incessant beeping that pierced Wendell’s ears and made him flinch.

Where…am I? His heavy lids tried to open, but it was too hard to lift them more than a crack. Just enough to let in a sliver of light. Dax. Pictures of gnomes jumping on the elf formed in his mind. What did they do to Dax? Wendell tensed, muscles straining against a tremendous weight. “Daaxx…” he muttered, but it was just above a whisper. Everything seemed so heavy, even breathing was a strain.

“He’s waking up, Ms. Callous.”

“Move away from the bed. All of you—back, right now! Is the sedative working?”

A deeper voice, “Seems to be.” One of Wendell’s lids was pulled back and a light flashed. “Pupils are dilated.”

“Good. We’re ready. The rest of you can leave now.”

Wendell could feel the beat of his own heart, pulsing in his neck. He groaned. “What have you done with…,” he swallowed, his throat dry, “my friend?”

The female voice called out from a few pace away. “He’s safe. For now.”


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Overview & Preview

272 Pages

ISBN# ‎978-1614630555

Not sure I’ve ever enjoyed being so angry in my life.

Now captured, Wendell is about to learn the other side of gnome society. One that completely and deeply hurts. Powerless to help those who matter to him, he’s going to have to develop people skills…or rather gnome-skills, if he hopes to survive. Luckily he still has faithful friends who won’t give up or give in until they find him.

That is, unless the hired assassin or Government Faction kill our hero first. Or execute Dax.

I switched from laughing to growling throughout this book, and at times, felt a bit hopeless. The situations are painful and personal–which kept my eyes glued to the pages. Thankfully Chuck had me laughing at intervals as the excitement and stress continued to build. I just wanted Wendell to start hitting people, until I realized just how clever he truly was.

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What People Are Saying

I've never been so worried for characters of a novel in my whole life than I was when reading this book in the series.

This is the kind of story that makes me fall in love with reading all over again.

It’s a great book, even though it was the hardest for me to read in the series. So many twists and turns. The title really does say it all, and if you didn’t have your own solid view of the world we live in, you just might when you're done with this book.

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