Sherry Bowman asks: “What is this podcast really about, Jaime? I’m enjoying the conversations and your laughs are infectious—but there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason in the subject matter. Am I missing something?”

Hey Sherry,

No, I don’t think you’re missing anything, unless you’re like me in some tainted way.

Then you would be missing your mind, sleep, attention span, patience, and any semblance of hope that your life will be a quiet, peaceful one.

Well, that’s not accurate.

I do have peace. A great deal of it, in fact—and I’ll explain this in a moment.

The podcast, however, is something very special to me, and I believe to my son, Evan—and any of his numerous siblings who have been on the show.

Because it’s about who we are, as Buckley’s.

We’re not the ‘norm’, nor do we want to be, and the fact that we are still here, loving and liking people, wanting to help make this world a better place when so many seem to tear it down…I believe is a good thing.

But it comes at a cost.

I just now got back from a ride with my son, who had to drive several cities away, so he could take his high-end Android phone in to be repaired.

Because a goat broke it.

During the drive, we talked about the misuse of the phrase “I am enough,” being touted everywhere, and how detrimental this will be over time, because of its misapplication.

My darling wife is taking a nap after driving an hour each direction and staying all night to assist our daughter as she delivers our 20th grand baby.

She’s going back in a few hours—kids’ not here yet, and Grammy still has a 2 year old daughter at home who needed her. Yet “grandma”—my wife’s mom, is here visiting from out of town, snoring on the couch, while Ruby (the 2 yr old) watches ‘Frozen’ for the Bajillionth time

All this while I’m trying to get enough work done myself, so I can take a nap before my own meetings start at 2:30am via ZOOM. Why that early? Because most my readers are in Europe.

Father-in-law is upstairs, still holding onto life, telling people only he can see that he’s not ready to go yet. He tells them to go away—because it’s ‘rude to hang outside people’s windows’.

Life is Like Fiction is about perspectives, beliefs, and experiences we Buckley’s have. Sometimes we can get input from other friends and family who have dealings with us, which is always fun. It’s about sharing why we love life so much, what drives us crazy, and what we try and do about it IF we can do anything at all.


I guess you could call it Buckley therapy.

…and you get to listen in and comment on all of it.

That’s the podcast in a nutshell.

Nutters in a nutshell.

It’s also why I call it ‘a podcast for the mental’.

As for peace—that comes with knowing who you are, what is expected of you, knowing your mission in life, and having a clear and deep conviction of the life you’re leading is the right one.

I have too many flaws to list, and I’ve never been called “nice”—but I know who I am.

Even better, I know what I’m supposed to do and thought I personally feel I do it badly, I’ll keep getting up and giving it my all.

This podcast is one of my tools to do just that. Talking about crazy things that actually happen and work them out in our minds and hearts with a microphone going.

Hopefully I can get someone to think a second time, or to calm down, or to laugh, or even cry–because they need to. But always to encourage folks to not give up.

Peace comes from being myself, striving to love you—even though we don’t know each other. It also comes from knowing, not merely believing that my family and friends love me back.

That those who know me have said to themselves at some point in our relationship, “Yeah, Jaime is seriously screwed up…but I choose him anyway.”

The cost I pay, is my life.

Time, money, and a considerable amount of effort.

I spend it on others.

My heart tells me that if I give my all in the ways I feel inspired to create and share…the Universe will make sure those who need it most, will find it.

That, to me, is a well-spent life.

That is not the norm that I see in the world around me.

THAT, Sherry, is Life is Like Fiction.

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