I had a feeling something like this was going to happen in my life.

The one thing you can always count on, is that life will never, ever turn out the way you think it will.Click To Tweet

My focus has been on parents and family with this blog, only because it’s a subject I’m not only passionate about, it’s…well, something I know a little about. I mean, 12 kids, 9 grandkids, married 27 years to the same woman who not only loves me but actually likes me…doesn’t that put me in my own category in today’s world?

Thing is, the more I seem to talk about parenting, the less interaction I seem to get from you.

No one comments on the articles, few if any parents are asking questions via the Facebook community or directly to me in emails, so I’m wondering if I should move on to a group that actually needs me.

I’m not blaming you, just so you know.

I can’t. I’m a white, Christian, heterosexual male, so according to society rules, I’m not ALLOWED to blame anyone else for how I feel because of my ‘white privilege’.

(vomits in a grocery sack)


The good news is, over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a reevaluation of myself, of my goals and the focus of my life. What motivates me, drives me, and how I can be of the best value to my fellow human being.

If I’m not of any use to my friends, well, I’m not any use at al by my own definition.

It was when my oldest son Evan, approached me that I knew a shift was coming. He discovered a need that’s not being addressed in our society and when he explained it, I knew this took precedent over the parenting focus I’d had until now.

Not that we’re leaving parenting behind, far from it…we just found a need that comes immediately before parenting, so we’re taking a step back and refocusing our efforts.

Here’s a list to explain it all.

Let’s call these my Top 7.

GOAL #1: Be unapologetically me.

I’m tired of political correctness, walking on egg shells and generations whining about how they feel, or how offended they are.

Deal with it, snowflake, because the only person in this whole world who actually cares about how you feel is you…the rest of the world only cares about how you act.

I’ve spent nearly 13 years trying to say the right things and do the right things, hoping to touch people’s minds and hearts and I don’t think it’s done much good, if any.

So I’m switching gears.

In doing so, you may decide to leave me.

I understand. No hard feelings.

There are things that should be said, must be said and I’m going to say them.Click To Tweet

I’m going to say them because according to my own moral compass, if I don’t say what I believe should be said, it’s partly my fault the world will go down in flames and I’m not taking responsibility for this bat crap crazy chaos.

That means a revamping of this website and what I do here…in part…but I won’t commit as to what or how—just know that whatever changes need to be made to get the right point across will be made.

GOAL #2: Actively Seek For People Who Need Me

Yeah, I know this sounds pretty general, but it really is open-ended in meaning.

I want to be a better resource to people because I can.Click To Tweet

You, my neighbors, my family, readers, youth organizations, homeless…anyone who thinks they’re worthless or unwanted, scared or don’t know what to do next in life.


Because someone was always there for me and that was a huge blessing in my life.

I’ll cover this eventually in the blog—but I feel like we look at one another too harshly and it has to stop.

My heart’s desire is to be a force for change in any way I can be, first off utilizing Goal #1 to both get the attention AND to get the messages out.

I’m starting with this blog and have asked my son to help me by writing about his experiences as the new father of our amazing granddaughter.

He’s also working on a series of books with me, soon to be released, accompanied by a podcast series we hope to implement in the next couple weeks.

GOAL #3: Stand Up For What’s Right—Because It’s Right

This overlaps actively seeking people who need me, but my intent is different.

There are certain beliefs that are core to who I am.

They are choices made, ways I have been taught, things learned and systems employed in my own life.

I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but there is love, kindness, compassion, charity, and God in my life.

I’m not ashamed of that—but much of the world seems to be.

It makes me sad.

My core belief encourages me to respect and support your right to choose for yourself.

Good AND bad—so long as those choices do not inflict upon or hinder another’s freedom to choose.

I also claim that same freedom, regardless of how you feel about it.

I’m not asking your permission, I’m reserving that right.

However, just because I show compassion and love towards you does not mean I agree with you or support what you choose.

It is because you are a fellow child of God and I want to care about you.

Too much information for you?

Funny thing is, I get judged every day by those around me.

Some openly, other not so much.

It’s all good.

People are people so we learn, move on and try again.Click To Tweet

If you believe trying to rip me to pieces will help you, meh…go for it.

Each of us should have the strength to stand up and say what we mean, in kindness, but with boldness, intelligence, and clarity.

That is my desire.

To share my beliefs about life and why—how I come to a certain conclusion myself, then you decide for yourself.

If you would like to have a respectful conversation in the comments at any time, I’d love it.

Just keep in mind that on THIS website, any mean-spirited or vulgar comments will get you banned faster than a politician can spend your hard earned money.

GOAL #4: Write the entire Chronicles of a Hero series

This might seem like a given, but the last time I mapped out the storyline, there were close to 20 books listed.

I’ve had quite a few ideas since then.

This doesn’t include the side stories that must be written as we go.

That’s a lot. Seriously.

I also have an RPG outlined, starting a worldbuilding bible for video games, board games and, well,…you get the picture.

My biggest reason for this is during the last couple years, I’ve been approached more and more in real life from people I know or people I’ve met through events and such.

In each instance, they have kids who have read these books and have become fans.

They want to know when more books are coming out…and I want to give the story to them.

Wouldn't you WANT to write fantasy books for kids begging you to do just that?Click To Tweet

Of course, you would.

I’d like to do it all in the next 7-10 years.

It’s possible, but have to be writing full-time to get there.

GOAL #5: Gather My Family, Friends & Build A New Life

This one is huge and I get all choked up just thinking about it, because my heart hurts.

I’m 48 years old and have spent most my adult life—including my entire marriage—in abject poverty (with the exception of a few years where I made six figures—and we used that to get out of debt).

There is nothing I want more than to have a home of my own, to raise my children in peace and safety and grow my own food.

Well, except this:

On this land, there has to be enough room to gather my children, their families, my extended family and even my friends.

I do have my eye on a piece here that will do that—but it’s quite out of reach at this moment.

Time will tell.

My wife deserves to have a beautiful home and with that, I want to provide a home for my loving father.

I’m a grandfather now and he’s a great-grandfather.

We should be close to those we love and adore.Click To Tweet

I do want to be careful about the privacy of those I love, but I’ll let you know that this goal is to provide a place for gathering—if that is what they desire to do, nothing more.

Come, have a piece of land, build a house and stay awhile.

We’ll laugh a lot,…I promise.

Part of this new life also encompasses better health…so my exercise and better eating are a given, added into this specific goal.

GOAL #6: To Create A Compete Set of Self-Help Lessons

This might sound a bit odd, but there is a whole generation out there who either didn’t pay attention, refused to listen or were not taught by their parents the basics on how to be adults.

Now their lives are biting back.

Stress, confusion, rebellion and there is a belief that their irrational emotions, unhindered matter in the real world once they leave college.

Uhhhh, no.

But where can these kids turn? Where can they get the information they need to make this incredibly uncomfortable transition?

From this website, that’s where.

Working like mad, my son Evan and I are crafting the best materials to help anyone in need, including a flexible price according to circumstances.

The only excuse for NOT getting help at this point is pride.Click To Tweet

GOAL #7: Have both my name and books entered in Wikipedia.

This is, I believe, my only vain goal.

Consider it the yearning nerd within, seeking a deep form of validation.

All the sales in the world won’t mean as much as being able to see me and Wanted Hero in the greatest online resource of planet Earth.


Probably, because I’d take all the money in the world…and BUY Wikipedia and have my name in there…but that aside, I’ve wanted this since 2005, and still sigh each time I donate or look up information to write another book.

I could cheat and place my name there myself—but that completely defeats the purpose.

Being listed in Wikipedia is a Nerd's validation of social success.Click To Tweet

It has to be earned.

Has to be real.



So there you have it…7 primary goals I’m focusing on.

I’d love to hear from you.

If you have questions, comments or anything else I can address openly so as to help others, I’d love you to speak up.

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