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If you haven’t heard of WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys, you will soon enough.

Frankly I think most toys nowadays are just different levels of crap.

Just go to any Wal-Mart and you’ll find shelves packed with toys made cheaply, based on a ‘wow’ factor and usually made to last just long enough to get a short thrill. Once that momentary bliss and awe is over, that same toy is designed to be thrown out and replaced.

What rubbish.

Anyone remember Lincoln Logs?

Now THERE was a toy kids could not only use and enjoy—there wasn’t anything to break!

Burn, maybe, but not break.

That’s also why I love Legos. Yes, they are the Devil’s toy for parental walks through the house at midnight, but Lego’s are the next generation for those of use who appreciated Lincoln Logs.

Unlimited joy in the shape of plastic.

Yet once in a while, there’s a certain toy I just have to admire.

Something that makes a difference in the kids that used them.

These were the toys that not only evoked imagination in children, it changed the way they actually interacted with the toy.

I’m talking about the Cabbage Patch Kids, Furby, Rubik’s Cube, Star Wars figurines, Easy Bake Oven, G.I Joe and yes, even Barbie (Heaven forgive us).

WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys: The New Toy On The Block

I’m always looking for a toy that can reshape a child’s behavior.

At the very least, I love toys that encourage the good tendencies they already have.

If you’re looking for something of the same caliber, I suggest you look into Fingerlings.

The more I see these, the more impressed I am, here’s why:

  • It’s a freaking robot monkey. Just the concept makes me smile.
  • The toy has sensors, encouraging your child to interact with kindness, through petting, blowing them kisses and rock them to sleep.
  • It’s crafted to stay with your child and interact with them, which includes singing and attaching to the child’s finger, a marker, or use their tails to hang them close by.
  • The WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys make over 40 different sounds to interact with your child, which is quite astounding.
  • The price averages out at $15, which is quite affordable for a dynamic toy.
  • The WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys are designed to be friendly, loving and to entertain your child. This is a big deal because it will encourage the soft, caring side of your child.

Beware of FAKES when buying The WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys!

The only setback I’m seeing is the growing number of fake knockoffs being created, especially during holiday shopping times.

Good news is that you can spot fakes and avoid heartaches by remembering a few simple tips:

  1. The manufacturer should be “Wowwee” and this is specific to those buying on Amazon. You’ll see a lot of different listings, but WowWee is the only manufacturer you should be buying the product from.
  2. Again, if you’re buying on Amazon, you should know that Amazon is an official reseller for WowWee, which also means “real” Fingerlings are both sold AND shipped by Amazon!
  3. Lastly—if the shipping is 3+ weeks, you can bet that the item is most likely coming from China. Don’t buy it.
  4. Beware Facebook ads also. Yeah, there are tons of deals, but most of these folks are selling Fingerlings at $20+ and say you’re getting a deal. Wrong. They’re NOT out of stock—it’s a drop ship situation, pulling from China and mailing goods to you through Aliexpress. Best to stick with an Authentic reseller.

Have You Bought A Fingerling?
I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!!

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